HBM 100t-osnovaRoTech The core product of the RoTech program is family of balancing machines. They are originally developed, completely produced, verified and patented by RoTech. All the machine parts are produced under the supervision of RoTech either in own workshop or with cooperation. RoTech universal balancing machines are designated as follows: HBM means Horizontal Balancing Machine Numerical data depicts max. machine capacity (e.g 3000 – max. rotor weight 3000kg)


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Machine size is proportional to the max. and min. rotor weight and their size. Range of RoTech balancing machine covers rotor weight starting from the 5 g all troughs the 100 t. This wide range of balancing capacity proves RoTech competence in the field of balancing either micro or macro rotors.

RoTech experts are continually developing new concepts, increasing effectiveness and accuracy of balancing equipment. In order to meet specific customer demands RoTech also modifies standard machines customizing their design and capacity. RoTech internal standards comply with the relevant ISO norms in the domain of balancing and quality grade definition.